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Luxurious and hip, 101 Bedford Avenue

February 23, 2016

25a wine roomLuxurious and hip, 101 Bedford Avenue has been a thriving home to Williamsburg’s toniest denizens since the day its doors opened in 2014. Situated on a city block between North 11th and North 12th Streets, with a main entrance directly across from McCarren Park, its 351 studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments are spread out between four eight story buildings designed in a U-shape. The result is a stately complex with a large interior courtyard landscaped as a pocket park, and a great homage to the grand one across the street.
Each apartment has been designed to have views, whether they’re of the East River, Manhattan, McCarren Park, Brooklyn streetscapes or the garden-like interior courtyard; and many additionally feature outdoor space. But what makes 101 BEDFORD truly different is its unparalleled amenities package. Beyond the 2,500-square-foot fitness center with Yoga-barre, Pilates and private training rooms, there is an Olympic-size indoor pool with hot tub and adjacent men’s and women’s saunas.

25a library
And although pools, fitness centers and saunas seem to be expected in today’s luxury buildings, few can compete with this comprehensive
package, which rivals many of the most exclusive vacation getaways
and spas. To begin with, there’s a wine vault with temperature controlled storage for individual residents’ collections. The game room, with its colorful décor, offers everything from X-box stations to billiards, and has a built-in wet bar for entertaining. The 29-seat screening room features monthly showings of new films. It’s also available to residents who reserve it for private screenings.

25a lounge
Not many apartment buildings feature sound-proof recording
and photography studios with adjacent dressing rooms.
But this one clearly caters to a creative population and both
facilities are frequently booked. Equally popular is the PGA
Golf Simulator room, where people practice their swings on
facsimiles of St. Andrews, Pebble Beach and others tournament
Catering to the many people in the building working remotely
or freelance, 101 Bedford has a real business center with conference room and adjacent library with couches and a fireplace overlooking McCarren Park. For busy families, there’s a state-of-the-art children’s playroom stocked with oversized stuffed animals and educational games. The pet-friendly building even has a dedicated canine cleaning station with shampoos, sinks and dryers.
Perhaps the most coveted warm weather amenity is the 17,000-square-foot roof deck, fully furnished with a mini beach, plenty of cabana seating and multiple gas barbeque grills. Cutting edge convenience also extends to an efficient lifestyle that includes on-site parking, 24/7doorman/concierge service and two ATM machines in the lobby, which are particularly handy when buying candy, soda, detergent and even batteries from one of two vending machines in the game room.
Add in the beautiful interiors by world-class designer Hadas Metzler and this community within the Williamsburg community
is a truly special place to live!
Luxurious and hip, 101 Bedford Avenue

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Seen At 11: What Does It Mean To ‘Live Like A Millennial?’

November 25, 2015

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Millennials, or people in their 20s and 30s, are said to be the driving force of the times — impacting fashion, culture and even the economy.

They may have left their college dorms, but they don’t want to leave each other.

“I think Millenials like having places where to hang out with their friends,” one person said.

At 101 Bedford in Brooklyn, it’s the over-the-top amenities that are drawing them — from a communal relaxation room, to a place to perfect your golf swing and even cocktail tutorials, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

But it is not merely a “second college dorm,” according to residents.

“That’s, I think, a little bit extreme. We try to be a little more classy to that,” one man said. “We drink wine and such.”

Just a few blocks away, a different vibe for Millennials at Pure House. Founder Ryan Fix said he’s trying to build a community of millennials who can help each other in their personal growth.

“The kind of things that we’re asking are things like, ‘What is your story; what’s your passion; how would you like to contribute to the community?’” Fix said.

Bedrooms are small, but it’s the communal living spaces and activities that Fix says make the difference.

“We’ve had people that have started businesses together, that have raised money. We’ve had people that have started creative endeavors together,” Fix said.

“It makes New York City feel small. It makes it feel like a family,” Poppy Liu, 24, said.

Psychologist Dr. Vincent Passarelli says the sense of community can be nurturing, but warns of a downside — he points out people “can get stuck.”

“They just sort of stay within their group and and never actually develop their own sense of identity of who they are, and who they want to be,” Passarelli said.

Fix thinks the millennials are on to something, and that others — of all ages — will follow.

“I think it’s much larger than a Millienial thing. I definitely think this is a huge way,” Fix said. “We’re moving toward a desire to have more community.”

The living arrangements are open to all age groups, but Millennials have just been first in line.

Source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/11/24/millennial-community-housing-nyc/



Curbed – Ridiculous Amenity Alert

June 15, 2015


From Bocce to Dog Spas, NYC Rentals With Outrageous Perks
If you’re a New York City rental building these days, a mere communal terrace and one-room gym just won’t cut it. To charge the kinds of extravagant rents that are de rigueur, there have to be equally extravagant amenities. Think arcade games. Resort-style cabanas. Bocce courts and bowling alleys. A recording studio. A separate area for yoga and spinning. Lush decks with outdoor fireplaces and barbecue grills. Oh, and lots of pools. Luckily, buildings are stepping up to the challenge. Below, a selection of the ones with the most over-the-top amenities. Did we miss a biggie? …

pool.jpg The Karl Fischer-designed rental building that swallowed an entire Williamsburg block is                so huge because it has so much stuff packed inside it. 101 Bedford has a gym and a pool, hot  tub, sauna, steam room, and spa rooms (sure), but it also houses a wine cellar, a game room (with  a golf simulator), a screening room, a soundproof recording and photography studio, a  business center and conference room, a library with fireplace, on-site parking, ATMs, and vending machines, and a pet spa (a.k.a. a “canine-cleaning station”).


The rooftop is absolutely massive and even has hammocks and private outdoor dining areas with BBQ grills for dinner parties. Plus, the building just opened up in-house photography and  recording studios—and it now has it’s own kickball team.




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BIZ NewsIndex Have you Heard?

May 26, 2015

MAY 22, 2015 – 101 BEDFORD IN THE NEWS – In Print 5/20/15 on Page C2

HAVE YOU HEARD? 101 Bedford is rocking its amenities.

101 BEDFORD keeps rocking out the amenities.


Co-developer Yoel Sabel just announced that a fully equipped recording studio and photography studio, complete with backdrops and lighting, have just opened in the Williamsburg building.

The 1,000 s/f state-of-the-art digital recording studio has a separate engineering space with recording programs and a contiguous soundproof room.




The 101 Bedford Studio
“The two studios are amenities that many people requested here and we hope become attractions for new residents, as well,” said Sabel. “Our building has become a hub of creativity in the same way certain residences in Soho and Greenwich Village were years ago.”
Since opening, the building’s business center has emerged as a destination for writers, entrepreneurs and freelancers.
Last winter, a comedian who lives in the building premiered new acts to a standing room-only audience in the club room, with plans for future
And, as the weather warms, the 17,000 s/f roof deck should attract artistic residents eager to capture the building’s views of McCarren Park and the Manhattan skyline, while enjoying barbeques or relaxing on the “mini beach.”
Among its many other amenities, 101 Bedford has a PGA-certified golf simulator, wine room and canine cleaning station.

Click here to view this clipping online: http://rew-online.com/2015/05/22/have-you-heard-101-bedford-is-rocking-its-amenities-downtown-abbey-home-for-sale/


May 21, 2015

MAY 19, 2015 – 101 BEDFORD IN THE NEWS

101 BEDFORD Opens On-Site Recording and Photography Studios

Setting the stage for musicians and photographers, 101 BEDFORD the luxury rental
that keeps raising the standards for Williamsburg lifestyles, has debuted a fully equipped
recording studio and adjacent photography studio, complete with backdrops and lighting.
The 1,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art digital recording studio has a separate engineering
space with recording programs and a contiguous soundproof room.
“The two studios are amenities that many people requested here and we hope become
attractions for new residents, as well,” says co-developer Yoel Sabel. “Our building has
become a hub of creativity in the same way certain residences in Soho and Greenwich Village
were years ago.”
The studios are the latest example of 101 BEDFORD’s amenities accommodating creative
residents. In much the same way, the building’s business center has emerged as a destination
for writers, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Last winter, a comedian who lives in the
building premiered new acts to a standing room-only audience in the club room, with plans
for future shows.
Moreover, as the weather warms, the 17,000-square-foot roof deck will attract artistic residents
eager to capture the building’s breathtaking views of McCarren Park and the Manhattan
skyline, while enjoying barbeques or relaxing on the “mini beach.”
101 BEDFORD’s other acclaimed amenities include a private landscaped courtyard with
gazebo, children’s playroom, 2,500-square-foot fitness center with private training and
yoga rooms, indoor pool and hot tub, PGA-certified golf simulator, wine room and canine
cleaning station. The building fosters a sense of community through activities like group
exercise classes in the fitness room, food and wine tastings from local restaurants in the
party room, and showings of popular movies, television shows, and sporting events in the
29-seat screening room.
101 BEDFORD is a full-service, 351-unit building located across the street from McCarren
Park and four blocks from the Bedford Avenue L train stop. Services and conveniences include
24/7 front desk service, on-site parking, dog-walking and pet-sitting services, on-site
ATMs and vending machines, a cold storage room for Fresh Direct and other refrigerated
deliveries, and a package inventory app for residents to track deliveries remotely.
The Hadas Metzler-designed studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments feature hardwood
floors, open kitchens with stainless steel appliances and Cesarstone countertops,
porcelain-clad bathrooms and oversized windows. Availabilities may be inquired about at

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Rockin’ in the Not-So-Free World: W-burg Luxury Building Adds a Recording Studio

Source: http://bedfordandbowery.com/2015/05/rockin-in-the-not-so-free-world-w-burg-luxury-building-adds-a-recording-studio/

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

With places like Glasslands, 285 Kent and [in a couple of days we’ll insert the next one here] shuttering left and right, you’d think the DIY spirit is on its way out of Williamsburg. Luckily, at least one of the neighborhood’s luxury developers is determined to foster the next Nick Zinner. The folks at 101 Bedford — the complex that opened a couple of years ago and inflicted a Diesel pop-up on the southwest corner of McCarren Park — have added a recording studio to the rundown of amenities that already included heated sidewalks and a golf simulator. Keep on rocking’ in the free world! Well, not quite free: studios at 101 Bedford start at $2,650 a month and one-bedrooms start at $3,400.

But hey, just think of all the money you’ll save by cutting your Songs to Golf To album right inside of your building, in between laps in the pool and hammock sessions on the rooftop. Plus, when you’re ready to shoot the LP’s cover, there’s a brand spanking new photo studio right next to the recording studio.


Co-developer Yoel Sabel knows what’s up. “Our building has become a hub of creativity in the same way certain residences in Soho and Greenwich Village were years ago,” he said, presumably meaning “years ago when shit was affordable.”

When I caught wind of this, I figured I’d take a tour of 101 Bedford, since I’ve always wondered whether the place looks as much like a college dorm from the inside as it does from the outside.


Last time I tried to see the place, I didn’t get past the lobby, where advertisements for maid service and $90-a-pop personal trainer sessions were posted at the front desk. There was also an events calendar touting rooftop tequila tastings.


This time, a rep gave me the grand tour, starting with the dog wash station, where the walls nod to Keith Haring. (Haring was also willing to pay astronomical sums in rent, so the residents of 101 Bedford can consider him a kindred spirit.)


There’s an in-house screening room where one of the creative hub’s residents was watching a Kenneth Anger film sports.


And a pool. (There’s also a 2,500-square-foot gym, but as a rule I do not set foot in gyms.)


This library is part of the business center that, according to the press release “has emerged as a destination for writers, entrepreneurs and freelancers.” One of the tomes on the shelves is Danielle Steel’sBittersweet. (You won’t find that one at Mellow Pages. Actually, you won’t find anything at Mellow Pages. It’s closing.)


There’s this room where residents can do little wine and cheese things.


And this room, where we’re told aspiring comic Josh Chudnovsky recently did some standup for fellow residents.


Okay, by now you’re wondering what the room rooms look like. Well, here’s a $2,650-a-month studio.


Sure, it’s wall-to-wall small, but you do get this cute little terrace.


And here’s a bedroom in a $3,400-a-month 1BR.


Many of the rooms have balconies with views of the campus central courtyard.


And here’s the place’s crown jewel — a 17,000-square-foot roof deck that aims to “attract artistic residents eager to capture the building’s breathtaking views.”


With a hammock, swinging seats, and this “mini beach” area, it’s got everything an artistic resident could need.


Like these cabanas.


Sorry, the view is a little marred by the hotel that’s going up. Hate it when that happens.

Curbed – House Calls

May 20, 2015

MAY 18, 2015 – 101 BEDFORD IN THE NEWS – HOUSE CALLS – By Hana R. Alberts

A New York Newcomer Embraces Down-sizing to a Sunny Studio

101 bedford building

house call

”I’ve wanted to live here for so long,” says Brian Quinn, as he sits in his Norman Cherner chair, a Craigslist find from a past life in Chicago. “I’ve always wanted to live in the city.” The biotech employee had spent the better part of 15 years in another chilly city—Boston—before making the jump to New York City in January. Initially, Quinn moved to be near his girlfriend, but they’re no longer together. And his love affair with the city started long before that, obsessively reading Curbed NY for “an embarrassingly long time.” That’s why, as he began his apartment hunt, and eventually landed on a $2,700/month studio in the amenity-packed Williamsburg building 101 Bedford, he knew the site’s storied infamous past as Hot Karl Beach. So named because plans for the building, designed by architect Karl Fischer, stalled for so long that there was a perennial pile of dirt on the Bedford Avenue parcel just south of McCarren Park before construction finally got rolling. The massive rental building, which Quinn says is now packed with millennials and Europeans with dogs, has come a long way. What his sunny 459-square-foot studio lacks in space, it makes up for in charm. Plus, the building’s rooftop, pool, and myriad amenities (which now include a recording studio) offer an escape in the event of claustrophobia. “I bought a measuring tape when I went to sign the lease,” Quinn says. “This was the only configuration that passed muster.” That involves cordoning off his bed with a dresser and bookshelves arranged in an L shape. Quinn carefully selected the mix of furniture—after all, he had the measurements of the studio, and knew he couldn’t bring everything down from Boston. “The couch is a nearknockoff of a Hans Wegner design that Ikea actually released in the 60s and re-released this winter,” Quinn says. The apartment looks north onto McCarren Park, making it “surprisingly peaceful and bucolic” for New York City. Quinn says if he sat in the kitchen chair closest to the window facing west, he could see the Empire State Building. That was, of course, before the trees grew their leaves. The funky William Vale Hotel, which is rising, has almost blocked it from view, anyway. Moving to New York, Quinn knew he had to cut down on possessions. In Boston, he had access to a storage room, or a basement. “I never had to edit stuff,” he says. “Downsizing was the greatest thing. Now I feel like I only have stuff that I only want to have, that are really mine, to plant my flag.” In fact, the declutter may have gone to an extreme. “I overpared,” he jokes, so much so that of the three closets in this apartment, he only needed two for his clothes and other possessions. So he turned the one by the window into a bar. “I love making cocktails,” he says, adding that he also cooks using every available surface. “I’ll gladly prepare a pork roast on top of my dresser.” One of his prized possessions is on display, but discreetly: a bottle of acorn liqueur from North Korea via the DMZ gift shop. It doesn’t go in the bar: “I don’t want anyone to drink that by mistake.” … Up on the roof, there are cabanas and seating areas of all kinds. There’s also a stretch of sand—a nice homage to what was once Hot Karl Beach. The rest of the roof is pretty nice, too, with areas for lounging, hammocks, and barbecue grills available for use. Quinn nods at the oval chaise: “That’s where I spent a good part of last Sunday afternoon.” Seeya soon, Hot Karl Beach 101 Bedford.


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There's a great energy about 101 Bedford, from the double height lobby to the expansive, garden courtyard.

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